Did You Know?

The University of Maryland Medical System Foundation oversees hundreds of funds that benefit our hospitals, centers and departments. Did you know that each fund is different and focuses on a specific need within the medical system? Learn more about our featured fund below!

R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center Director’s Nursing Fund

Shock Trauma nurse Nurses at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center face life or death situations every day and are ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice. Even when off duty, our health care workers answer the call.

Shock Trauma nurse Angela Weir made national news after witnessing a fiery accident on westbound Interstate-70 between a dump truck and a tanker truck. Without hesitation, Angela ran toward the danger, leaping over a 2-foot concrete barrier that separated her from the accident. She expected to land firmly on the ground, but instead fell 75 feet into the Monocacy River. Miraculously, Angela survived with minimal injuries.

Shock Trauma nursesAngela’s story is a reminder of the danger that comes with being a first responder and the heroic nature of our shock trauma nurses. When a patient arrives to Shock Trauma, he or she needs immediate and precise care to treat a critical injury or severe illness. Our trauma care nurses play a significant role during the precious “golden hour,” a 60-minute window between survival and death.

Continuing education is crucial to providing lifesaving care. The R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center Director’s Nursing Fund allows our nurses to attend specialized education seminars, conferences and trainings. Thanks to this fund, in previous years Shock Trauma Center nurses attended the Society of Trauma Nurses annual conference, the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma Scientific Assembly, Pharmacology for Advanced Practice Clinicians conference, National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition, and Advanced Trauma Care for Nurses course, among others.

In addition, retreats are offered to 60 senior clinical nurses twice a year. They include motivational and inspirational speakers who focus on improving care at the trauma center and self-care.

Conversely, the fund opens opportunities to send our nursing leaders to conferences to share best practices they’ve developed and train critical care staff across the country. It also provides the means to sponsor the Society of Trauma Nurses’ spring event.

To support our trauma care nurses, consider making a donation to the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center Director’s Nursing Fund. Your support will help the Shock Trauma Center remain at the forefront of critical care nursing.