Did You Know?

The University of Maryland Medical System Foundation oversees hundreds of funds that benefit our hospitals, centers and departments. Did you know that each fund is different and focuses on a specific need within the medical system? Learn more about our featured fund below!

Isper & Manos Pediatric Oncology Fund

Pediatric cancer patientA family faces many stresses when a child is critically ill. Paying for parking shouldn't be one of them. The Isper & Manos Pediatric Oncology Fund alleviates some of the strains that weigh on families after their child is diagnosed with a serious illness, like cancer. Parking at the hospital costs $9 a day. While a seemingly nominal expense, it adds up especially when a child receives treatments every day for several weeks.

Started in 2000 by Pete Manos, the fund serves a variety of needs for the Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology. Along with parking, the fund helps families pay for basic necessities, such as food, gasoline and medications. It also covers the expenses for wigs and oncology testing.

Education is an important part of this endowment as well. It sponsors “Lunch and Learn” sessions for patients that focus on maintaining healthy behaviors to limit complications both in and out of the hospital.

Our nurses also benefit. The fund provides them with hematology and oncology core curriculum to use as a reference. Oncology nurse curriculum books are also purchased for staff taking the chemotherapy certification courses in house. Continuing education is necessary to provide the best possible care to these young patients and their families.

To make a positive impact on a family and medical team caring for a critically ill child, consider making a donation to the Isper & Manos Pediatric Oncology Fund. Your support will help comfort many families in their time of need.