Did You Know?

The University of Maryland Medical System Foundation oversees hundreds of funds that benefit our hospitals, centers and departments. Did you know that each fund is different and focuses on a specific need within the medical system? Learn more about our featured fund below!

University of Maryland Medical Center Patient Care Fund

The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) Patient Care Fund is proof that a small donation can make a big impact in a person’s life. The fund pays for basic necessities like food, clothing and transportation—everyday items that, for some, can become a burdensome cost when faced with a hospital stay. It also covers miscellaneous expenses that occur unexpectedly.

At UMMC, we care for our patients and do our best to assist them whenever possible. Small, yet important items covered by the Patient Care Fund include:


  • Food
    We receive several requests from families whose children are admitted into the hospital for an extended period of time. Many parents miss days or weeks of work to stay with their ill child. To alleviate some of the day-to-day costs, we provide needy families between $5 and $40 to use toward meals.


  • Parking
    Recently, a transplant patient needed an emergency biopsy. Due to nerves, she forgot her purse and could not pay the $8 fee to exit the garage following her appointment. The simple act of paying for her parking removed a minor worry during an extremely stressful day.

reading glasses

  • Reading glasses
    A man diagnosed with schizophrenia was being uncooperative and refused to review or sign any medical forms. Instead of dismissing him, a UMMC staff member listened to his complaints and determined that the root of the problem stemmed from poor vision. For $29, the man purchased reading glasses and as a result, he became much more cooperative with hospital staff.


  • Portable Crib
    A young, single mother did a great job preparing for her newborn, but could not afford a reliable crib. In Maryland, unsafe sleeping conditions are a top reason for death among infants. With just $50, the new mother purchased a safe, portable crib. Now, both mother and baby sleep soundly.


Through small donations, big changes are made. To make an impact in a person’s life, consider making a donation to the Patient Care Fund. Your support will help comfort many families in their time of need.