A Special Visitor

It is not every day that we welcome such a unique - and fuzzy - visitor to the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital.

Doc with neonatal transport isoletteDoctor “Doc” Clemens is a special friend from Brave Beginnings, a generous foundation that helped us purchase a new Neonatal Transport Isolette for the Drs. Rouben and Violet Jiji Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This state-of-the-art transporter with ventilator helps to control the body temperatures of preemies as they move around the hospital for testing, and is used multiple times a day at the NICU.

In July, Doc toured the NICU where he met with hospital staff, visited a patient, and received an up-close glimpse of the new transporter with ventilator.

“I had a delightful visit to the NICU and was warmly greeted by many wonderful physicians and nurses,” Doc says. “I was very impressed by the newly renovated NICU, which is made up of 52-single rooms where families can have privacy while their infant receives the highest intensity of care.

I am also thrilled that Brave Beginnings could help the NICU. The Neonatal Transport Isolette provides the tiniest patients with a stable and warm environment that is vital for their health and survival. It will surely help preemies thrive!”

Thank you Doc and Brave Beginnings! Your support will undoubtedly help countless infants and their families at a very critical time in their lives. #docbravebeginnings

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